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 The Archer Class

A class recommended for beginners players and advanced players in Tales of Judgement R.

Archer is a DPS/Ranged class, one of the four featured classes in the current version.


STATS Values
Base HP 215
Base TP 35
Base PWR 6
Base END 5
Base SPT 4
Base AGL 5
HP Gain per Lv +15.6
TP Gain per Lv +3
PWR Gain per Lv +2.50
END Gain per Lv +2.25
SPT Gain per Lv +2.50
AGL Gain per Lv +2.75


Artes TP Level Description Damage
Hell Pyre 7 TP Default Shoot an arrow imbued with fire. 140% (Fire)
Ice Fang 8 TP 5 Shoot an arrow imbued with ice. 160% (Water)
Aerial Laser 9 TP 7 Shoot an homing arrow at an enemy. 125%
Thunder Blitz 13 TP 9 Lightning strikes the enemy just as the arrow hits. 82% + 160%(Wind)
Inspect Eye 3 TP 12 Examine an enemy's abilities. ---
Cross Laser 10 TP 15 Shoot two arrows that cross paths. 150%
Sonic Bash 14 TP 17 An arrow strikes the ground sending up a shower of stones. 81% x 4 (Earth)
Healing Rain 19 TP 20 Shoot an arrow in the air, all allies recover 15% max HP. ---
Spectrum Arrow 10 TP 22 Fire four arrows into the air and down onto the enemies. 110% x 4 (Light)
Thrust Arrow 13 TP 26 Shoot an arrow that pierces the enemies. 130%
Eagle Shot 15 TP 29 Fire an arrow that flies like an eagle hunting prey. 130% x 3
Life Stealer 13 TP 35 Shoot an arrow to absorb an enemy's life. 160% (Dark)
Gale Shot 10 TP 42 Fire a stream of arrows. The number of arrows increases with skill level. 63% x 4 ~ 10
Harvest Rain 28 TP 45 Shoot an arrow in the air, all allies recover 30% max HP. ---

 Mystic Artes


Level Damage Activation
Wild Symphony 30 80% x 10 (Wind)

120% x 7 (Fire)

250% x 1 (Fire)

1) The skill "Over Limit" must be equipped

2) The skill "Special" must be equipped

3) Must be in Over Limit state

4) Must use an arcane arte

5) Hold the Over Limit button after an arcane arte


Artes Level Description
Backstep 3 Allows the user to jump backwards by a short distance
Piercing Shot 7 Allow to normal arrows to pierce through enemies at cost of power.
Over Limit 15 Allows the user to enter the state of Overlimit
Special 30 Allows to use Mystic Arte at the end of an arcane arte while in OVL.
Tales of Judgement R Archer - Artes Showcasing (Version 1.0.21)
Tales of Judgement R Archer - Artes Showcasing (Version 1.0.21)
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