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Arte is the term used to refer to all named attacks and spells in Tales of Judgement R.

Players acquires new artes as they progress through leveling or storyline events

Strike Artes

strike arte typically involves direct and physical interaction of a weapon or the user's body with the enemy. Depending on the amount of TP consumed and the damage output, these are often divided into three tiers: base, master, and arcane artes. All artes of each subset can be linked together in this order to create a combo chain. Certain passive skills may be used to alter this order, providing more freedom and creativity for players to create their own combo patterns.

Exemple of Base Artes (No Star): Demon Fang, Tiger Blade, Sonic Thrust

Exemple of Master Artes (One Star): Double Demon Fang, Beast, Sword Rain: Alpha

Exemple of Arcane Artes (Two Stars): Tiger Rage, Moonlight Demon, Azure Wolf Strike

Magic Artes

Magic artes, also known as spells, are used by characters who have the knowledge and ability to perform magical feats. Spellcasters are usually tied to some limiting condition that enables them to possess these powers. Unlike strike artes, spells do not directly affect battle immediately following activation. The character usually recites an incantation before casting, limiting the speed by which they can deal damage to the enemy. Spells use TP after they have been cast, not during the incantation. By default, characters that are attacked during the incantation may highly be interrupted and the spell will not activate. However, with the use of certain passive skills like Void-type skills, characters can have some resistance or even immunity to casting interruptions.

Exemple of Offensive Artes: Fire Ball, Aqua Edge, Stone Blast, Spread, Splash

Exemple of Healing/Support/Recovery Artes: First Aid, Heal, Barrier, Sharpness, Resurrection

Exemple of Summoning Artes: Efreet (Fire), Undine (Water), Sylph (Wind)

Mystic Artes

Mystic artes are typically rare and powerful artes that are unique to a given character. These artes can be activated during battle while Over Limit mode is active, after performing an arcane arte and pressing the "Overlimit" button, extending and linking into the mystic arte automatically.

Exemple of Mystic Artes: Razing Phoenix (Guy), Mystic Cage (Jade), Savage Wolf Fury (Yuri), Blade Dance (Swordsman Class), Star Meteor (Mage Class), Divine Annihilation (Fighter Class)