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Cooking is a feature found in the game. This gameplay mechanic enables players to create edible foods that can restore HP or temporarily boost the parameters of party members through the use of recipes and ingredients discovered throughout the game.


The Cooking System is to create food to restore the health of all battle party members after the end of a battle. After obtaining the necessary ingredients, usually bought from specific shops or dropped from enemies, players will be able to cook a dish, which has a chance to restore a certain percentage of all of the members' HP, while also providing additional effects such as recovery from status aliments or increased parameters, as dictated by the chosen recipe. Cooking does have a chance of failing, in which case the ingredients are still consumed.

Skits can be unlocked along with some specialized recipe titles when cooking recipes and showing your efforts to those you've learned the recipes from. It is still possible to rest at inns or use items such as Apple Gels to recover health. Cooking simply provides an extra option that is often much cheaper and more beneficial than these alternatives, especially due to the additional benefits that can be gained from certain recipes.