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 The Fighter Class

A class recommended for beginners players and advanced players in Tales of Judgement R.

Fighter is a DPS/Melee class, one of the four featured classes in the current version.


STATS Values
Base HP 240
Base TP 30
Base PWR 8
Base END 4
Base SPT 2
Base AGL 6
HP Gain per Lv +18.2
TP Gain per Lv +2.6
PWR Gain per Lv +3.50
END Gain per Lv +2.50
SPT Gain per Lv +1.25
AGL Gain per Lv +2.75


Artes TP Level Description Damage
Demon Fist 5 TP Default Release an Shockwave Slash on the ground. 110% + 25%
Palm Strike 8 TP 3 Chi is gathered in the palms and emitted with force 175%
Shadow Rush 6 TP 7 Move and attack in an instant. 138%
Healer 12 TP 12 Focused energy that restores HP to oneself and those nearby. ----------
Demon Shadow 10 TP 15 A mix of Demon Fang and Shadow Rush combined in one strong arte (Requires 100 usages of Demon Fist and Shadow Rush) 110% + 25%


Cerberus Strike 12 TP 19 A three-part flurry of punches and ends with knocking a foe into the air. 75% x 3


Beast 14 TP 23 Unleash the power of a beast to send the enemy flying. 200%
Shadow Strike 14 TP 25 A mix of Shadow Rush and Cerberus Strike combined in one strong arte. (Requires 100 usages of Shadow Rush and Cerberus Strike) 150%

80% x 3


Dragon Crush 7 TP 27 Close in and knock the enemy high into the air. 125%
Coil 8 TP 30 Temporarily increase your physical attack by focusing the mind. ---
Dragon Blast 8 TP 34 An uppercut that launches the enemy into the air. 125% +


Fierce Dragon Crush 13 TP 38 A mix of Palm Strike and Dragon Crush combined in one strong arte. (Requires 200 usages on Palm Strike and Dragon Crush) 190% +


Cerberus Blast 16 TP 43 A mix of Cerberus Strike and Dragon Blast combined in one strong arte.(Requires 200 usages on Cerberus Strike and Dragon Blast) 80% x 3

130% x 2


Rising Phoenix 24 TP 48 Unleash a blazing descent upon an enemy from on high. 140%

160% x 2 (Fire)

 Mystic Artes


Level Damage Activation
Divine Annihilation 30 150% x 1

100% x 3

115% x 2

130% x 3

225% x 1

130% x 1

75% x 5

1) The skill "Over Limit" must be equipped

2) The skill "Special" must be equipped

3) Must be in Over Limit state

4) Must use an arcane arte

5) Hold the Over Limit button after an arcane arte


Artes Level Description
Backstep 3 Allows the user to jump backwards by a short distance (Tip: Hold Guard and Go Backward)
Over Limit 15 Allows the user to enter the state of Overlimit
Special 30 Allows the user to use their Mystic Arte at the end of an arcane arte while in Overlimit
Tales of Judgement R Fighter - Artes Showcasing (Version 1.0.21)
Tales of Judgement R Fighter - Artes Showcasing (Version 1.0.21)
Tales of Judgement R - Fighter unleashes his Mystic Arte on Barbatos
Tales of Judgement R - Fighter unleashes his Mystic Arte on Barbatos
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