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File:Swordsman Victory Pose.pngFile:Tales of Judgement R - Fighter unleashes his Mystic Arte on BarbatosFile:Tales of Judgement R - Mystic Arte- Razing Phoenix (ver.2)
File:Tales of Judgement R - RIP Dios (Asch) by Jade CurtissFile:Tales of Judgement R 2017-03-18 174315.pngFile:Tales of Judgement R 2017-03-23 052213.png
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File:Tales of Judgement R Archer - Artes Showcasing (Version 1.0.21)File:Tales of Judgement R Cooking System Testing w ChesterFile:Tales of Judgement R Fighter - Artes Showcasing (Version 1.0.21)
File:Tales of Judgement R File Egg Bear (Guy & Jade Casual Run)File:Tales of Judgement R Mage's Early Gameplay & New Jump MechanicsFile:Tales of Judgement R Mage's Spread & Aqua Edge Test
File:Tales of Judgement R Mage - Artes Showcasing (Version 1.0.21)File:Tales of Judgement R Mage Class' Mystic Arte Star MeteorFile:Tales of Judgement R Mini Boss Fight (Unofficial)
File:Tales of Judgement R Play Time on Version 1.0.15File:Tales of Judgement R Prologue CutsceneFile:Tales of Judgement R PvP at Accel Dimension (Test)
File:Tales of Judgement R Side File Bloody Hounds (Guy & Jade Casual Run)File:Tales of Judgement R Smooth Movement + FPS TestFile:Tales of Judgement R Swordsman's Mystic Arte Blade Dance (Testing)
File:Tales of Judgement R Swordsman - Artes Showcasing (Version 1.0.21)File:Tales of Judgement R The Killer of Heroes? Can I use an it--File:Titles and Skills.png