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 The Mage Class


Mage is a Magic DPS/Healer class, one of the four featured classes in the current version.

A class recommended for experienced players and players with patience in Tales of Judgement R.


STATS Values
Base HP 190
Base TP 50
Base PWR 3
Base END 5
Base SPT 7
Base AGL 5
HP Gain per Lv +13.5
TP Gain per Lv +4.5
PWR Gain per Lv +1.75
END Gain per Lv +2
SPT Gain per Lv +3.5
AGL Gain per Lv +2.75


Artes TP Level Description Damage
First Aid 8 TP Default Heal an ally's HP by 30%. --------------
Spiritual Focus 15% of Max HP Default Channeling your spirit energy to recover TP -----------
Fire Ball 7 TP Default Cast 3 fire balls towards an enemy. 100% x 3 (Fire)
Stone Blast 8 TP 3 Raises stones beneath the enemy. 86% x 3 (Earth)
Wind Blade 8 TP 6 Create blades of wind around the target 86% x 3 (Wind)
Aqua Edge 8 TP 10 Summon 3 discs of water towards an enemy 97% x 3 (Water)
Barrier 8 TP 12 Increases physical defense by 10% for one ally for 60 seconds. --------------
Lightning 10 TP 13 Cause a small bolt of lightning to strike an enemy 180% (Wind)
Icicle 12 TP 15 Call forth great blast of ice from beneath an enemy 110% x 2 (Water)
Recover 12 TP 15 Cure physical ailments for one Ally. --------------
Sharpness 12 TP 19 Increases physical attack power by 10% for one ally for 60 seconds. --------------
Spread 19 TP 22 Conjure a fount of high-pressure water 95% x 4 (Water)
Resurrection 32 TP 24 Revives a fallen party member with 30% of max HP --------------
Nurse 15 TP 28 Heal all allies' HP by 30%. --------------
Tempest 28 TP 29 Call forth a huge hurricane and lightning to strike the enemy. 100% x 5 (Wind)
Photon 16 TP 35 Attack the enemy with converging blasts of light. 250% (Light)

 Mystic Artes


Level Damage Activation
Star Meteor 30 50% x 20

1000% x 1

1) The skill "Over Limit" must be equipped

2) The skill "Special" must be equipped

3) Must be in Over Limit state

4) Must cast a Master or High tier offensive magic arte

5) Hold the Over Limit button while casting


Artes Level Description
Over Limit 15 Allows the user to enter the state of Overlimit
Special 30 Allows the user to use their Mystic Arte while casting high magic artes.

Tales of Judgement R Mage - Artes Showcasing (Version 1.0.21)