Nanaly Fletcher (Fayth)

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Nanaly Fletcher (Fayth)

Nanaly Fletcher is a player character under the account of Xhaos (Fayth).

She is a Archer/Mage-type Class. Nanaly is a huntress who knows how to cast magic artes while excelling at archery, she is a force not to reckon with. She is one of the only Archers to be able to use magic artes, the other is Natalia Lanvaldear. She is usually in a party with Guy (Jee) , Natalia (Hana), Jade (Joe) and Chester (Aerio).


Artes TP Level Description Damage
Flare Shot 6 TP Default Shoot an arrow imbued with explosive fire 175% (Fire)
First Aid 10 TP Default Heal an ally's HP by 30%. --------------
Flame Drive 7 TP Default Cast 3 fire balls towards an enemy. 100% x 3 (Fire)
Stone Blast 8 TP 3 Raises stones beneath the enemy. 86% x 3 (Earth)
Wind Slash 8 TP 6 Create blades of wind around the target 86% x 3 (Wind)
Ice Shot 10 TP 7 Shoot five arrows imbued with ice into the air at once 110% x 5 (Water)
Lightning 10 TP 13 Cause a small bolt of lightning to strike an enemy 180% (Wind)
Storm Glare 8 TP 15 Fire three green-glowing arrows in a straight line 80%~ 100% x 3 (Wind)
Icicle 12 TP 15 Call forth great blast of ice from beneath an enemy 110% x 2 (Water)
Spark Shot 13 TP 19 Lightning strikes the enemy just as the arrow hits. 82% + 160%(Wind)
Splash 19 TP 22 Conjure a fount of high-pressure water 95% x 4 (Water)
Thrust Arrow 13 TP 26 Shoot an arrow that pierces the enemies. 130%
Nurse 15 TP 28 Heal all allies' HP by 30%. --------------
Tempest 28 TP 29 Call forth a huge hurricane and lightning to strike the enemy. 100% x 5 (Wind)
Life Stealer 13 TP 35 Shoot an arrow to absorb an enemy's life. 160% (Dark)

 Mystic Artes


Level Damage Activation
Wild Geese 30 250% x 3 (Fire)

150% x 9 (Fire)

1) The skill "Over Limit" must be equipped

2) The skill "Special" must be equipped

3) Must be in Over Limit state

4) Must use an arcane arte

5) Hold the Over Limit button after an arcane arte


Artes Level Description
Backstep 3 Allows the user to jump backwards by a short distance
Piercing Shot 7 Allow to normal arrows to pierce through enemies at cost of power.
Over Limit 15 Allows the user to enter the state of Overlimit
Taunt 20 Allows the user to taunt and refill a small amount of the OVL gauge
Special 30 Allows the user to use their Mystic Arte at the end of an arcane arte while in Overlimit
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