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Nanaly Fletcher (Fayth)

Nanaly Fletcher is a player character under the account of Xhaos (Fayth).

She is a Archer/Mage-type Class. Nanaly is a huntress who knows how to cast magic artes while excelling at archery, she is a force not to reckon with. She is one of the only Archers to be able to use magic artes, the other is Natalia Lanvaldear. She is usually in a party with Guy (Jee) , Natalia (Hana), Jade (Joe) and Chester (Aerio).


Artes TP Level Description Damage
Flare Shot 6 TP Default Shoot an arrow imbued with explosive fire 140% (Fire)
First Aid 10 TP Default Heal an ally's HP by 30%. --------------
Flame Drive 7 TP Default Cast 3 fire balls towards an enemy. 100% x 3 (Fire)
Stone Blast 8 TP 3 Raises stones beneath the enemy. 86% x 3 (Earth)
Wind Slash 8 TP 6 Create blades of wind around the target 86% x 3 (Wind)
Ice Shot 10 TP 7 Shoot five arrows imbued with ice into the air at once 75% x 5 (Water)
Lightning 10 TP 13 Cause a small bolt of lightning to strike an enemy 180% (Wind)
Storm Glare 8 TP 15 Fire three green-glowing arrows in a straight line 80% x 3 (Wind)
Icicle 12 TP 15 Call forth great blast of ice from beneath an enemy 110% x 2 (Water)
Spark Shot 13 TP 19 Lightning strikes the enemy just as the arrow hits. 82% + 160%(Wind)
Splash 19 TP 22 Conjure a fount of high-pressure water 95% x 4 (Water)
Nurse 15 TP 28 Heal all allies' HP by 30%. --------------
Tempest 28 TP 29 Call forth a huge hurricane and lightning to strike the enemy. 100% x 5 (Wind)


Artes Level Description
Backstep 3 Allows the user to jump backwards by a short distance
Over Limit 15 Allows the user to enter the state of Overlimit
Taunt 20 Allows the user to taunt and refill a small amount of the OVL gauge