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Natalia L.K Lanvaldear (Hana)

Natalia Luzu Kimlasca-Lanvaldear is a player character under the account of DhahimeChan (Hana).

She is a Princess Archer/Healer Class, an adept of the Lanvaldear School of Archery, she has skills that to provide her to attack from a safe range while supporting her allies with supportive artes. She is usually in a party with Guy (Jee) and Jade (Joe).


Artes TP Level Description Damage
Piercing Line 5 TP Default Shoot an arrow that pierces its target. 170%
First Aid 8 TP Default Heal an ally's HP by 30%. --------------
Storm Edge 9 TP 5 Shoot multiple arrows at once 75% x 3
Barrier 8 TP 8 Increases physical defense by 10% for one ally for 60 seconds. --------------
Aerial Laser 7 TP 12 Knock the enemy into the air with your bow, then follow up with an arrow attack 70% x 2


Gallant Barrage 12 TP 16 Scatters multiple arrows in a brush-like manner, then finishes with a concentrated cluster of arrows that fire in a straight line 80% x 5

70% x 3

Sharpness 12 TP 18 Increases physical attack power by 10% for one ally for 60 seconds. --------------
Heal 15 TP 28 Heal an ally's HP by 50% --------------
Healing Wind 22 TP 35 Heal all allies' HP by 50% --------------
Revive 35 TP 40 Revive an ally HP by 60% and adds an random status buff --------------


Artes Level Description
Backstep 3 Allows the user to jump backwards by a short distance
Piercing Shot 7 Allow to normal arrows to pierce through enemies at cost of power.
Over Limit 15 Allows the user to enter the state of Overlimit
Taunt 20 Allows the user to taunt and refill a small amount of the OVL gauge