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Tales of Judgement R - RPG of One's Decisions Affects The World

Tales of Judgement R (ToJR) is an original action RPG game currently in remaking and development by few members of Team Mana, a small group of Game Makers in the BYOND Community.

Follow a storyline where your decisions may impact your surrounding and the World. Will you be known as a Hero or a Traitor? This is the start of your own Tales.

1.0.42 Alpha - 11th June 2020 (Current Version - Open World)

  • New Mechanic: Guard Break - Added
    • Enemies has the possibility to [Guard Break] a player after the latter has blocked multiple hits.
    • Back Attacks are 100% Guard Break unless the player has the ability [Rear Guard] equipped
      • Rear Guard also decrease the chance of getting [Guard Break] from an enemy.
  • New Stat/Skill Mechanic: Capacity Cores - Added
    • Seperated in 7 stats (P.ATK / P.DEF / M.ATK / M.DEF / ACC / EVA / AGL)
    • Skills can be learned by reaching a certain level of core stats.
    • 30 Capacity Cores, which 6 cores can be bought at Eltia Village's Weapon Shop
      • One of the six cores has been pre-equipped based on the classes' preferences by default.
    • Cores Stats caps at 1000.
    • Can press the Action Button in Status to reveal current Core Score per stats.
    • Cores' SP can only be gained through battling.
      • Note that Cores' SP doesn't gain [SP Bonus] from [highest hit done in a battle].
  • Titles System - v.1.03 - UPDATED!
    • Titles no longer give permanent stats, only give temporary stats while equipped
    • Titles' effects increases as they levels up
    • Titles may feature some innate abilities that may be learnable after mastering the title itself.
      • If the title shows " - Learnable Ability" in their description, that ability can be learn at its mastery
  • Battle System - UPDATED!
    • Battle Speed has been reworked, given a more proper speed based by battle difficulty.
    • Movement Speed has been smoothed out, giving a better sliding effect.
    • Enemies has now different walking speed, compared to previous versions where only their reaction speed was taken into account. Now Walk Speed and Reaction Speed are taken account.
  • Game Themes - UPDATED!
    • To reduce the game's resources a bit much, the game will features only Tales of Symphonia themes as it's one of Tales series' most nostalgic game for most fans.
  • Classes - UPDATED!
    • All classes' stats have been reworked with the changes of Titles System and the newly added Capacity Cores system. Classes' pages will be updated eventually to fit the new reworks.
    • Mages' [Light Orb] on Normal Attack have been disabled, as lot of changes happened.
    • Archers' [Normal Attack and Artes] has now a bit more stagger and hit confirm in their properties.
    • Some projectiles has now a bit more stagger upon hit confirm in their properties.

1.0.38 Alpha - 31st December 2018 / 1st January 2019 (Current Version)

  • Ninja Class has been added.
    • An old class coming back brand new in Tales of Judgement R has finally made it entry.
    • 13 artes available at its launch day, features a different backstep mechanic that allows them to dodge incoming projectiles.
    • Features 5 palettes like any classes in both genders
  • Name Filtering has been added.
    • Now character creation features a name filtering system to avoid offensive names.
    • If the name has been deemed offensive, it will reset and ask you to type a respectable name.
  • Day & Night System has been fixed
    • A bug where cutscenes still had the game's global day time was found and patched in this current version.