Tales of Judgement R Wikia

Yuri Lowell

Yuri Lowell is an exclusive player character

He is an agile Swordsman/Melee-type Class, A vigilante who hates corruption in the world and fights for justice of the common people. He seems to enjoy teasing others.


Artes TP Level Description Damage
Azure Edge 5 TP Default Unleash the force of the wind. Able to attack far away enemies. 105% + 45%
Wolf Strike 7 TP 4 A sharp thrust attack followed by an uppercut. 110% x 2
Cerberus Strike 10 TP 8 Quickly punch the enemy three times. 70% x 3
Azure Storm 12 TP 13 Unleash two consecutive gales of shockwaves. Effective against far away enemies. (Requires 200 uses of Azure Edge) 105% + 45%

x 2

Azure Wolf Strike 15 TP 18 A mix of Azure Edge and Wolf Strike combined in one strong arte. (Requires 100 uses of Azure Edge and Wolf Strike) 105% + 45%

110% x 2

Wailing Havoc 18 TP 44 Punch the enemy, mid-air kick and slashes them as the user twirls into the air 80% + 40% +



Artes Level Description
Backstep 3 Allows the user to jump backwards by a short distance
Over Limit 15 Allows the user to enter the state of Overlimit
Taunt 20 Allows the user to taunt and refill a small amount of the OVL gauge